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The first signs of viral hepatitis. If you have asthenovegetative hepatitis, you will feel lethargic, drowsy, fatigue will come very quickly, you will have a headache, dizziness, and appetite will decrease. With arthralgic syndrome in the preicteric form, there is pain in the joints, redness and itching on the skin. Such variants are most characteristic of hepatitis B. Its pre-icteric period lasts about one to two weeks, and towards the end of it, the patient has a significant increase in the liver and darkening of the color of the urine.

The icteric period is characterized by a characteristic yellowing of the human skin and its mucous membranes. Yellowing appears on the sclera, oral mucosa, face, body, arms and legs. Yellowing occurs in that order; in the process of remission, jaundice goes in the reverse order. If we are talking about hepatitis A, then yellowing will appear much earlier and the process will go much faster, and during the period of remission, yellowing will disappear faster.

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In hepatitis B, jaundice will appear immediately after the preicteric period, the process itself will go slowly, and yellowing will remain for a longer time.

How strong the yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes will be, directly depends on the severity of the course of the disease. However, in childhood, this pattern may well not be respected. If a person has jaundice, the urine will become dark in color, reminiscent of strong tea leaves. At the same time, the stool, on the contrary, becomes white, or completely discolors.


In especially severe cases of the development of the disease, small bruises on the surface of the skin and bleeding from the nose can be observed, this indicates a continuing increase in intoxication of the body.

During pronounced jaundice, the patient is worried about severe scabies of the skin. As soon as the yellowing becomes very pronounced, the state of health, as a rule, becomes much better. The size of the liver and spleen during this period is much higher than normal. The younger the person, the more pronounced the increase in these organs will be. The rest of the organs, as a rule, remain without any major changes.


The most dangerous are considered to be lesions associated with the central nervous system.

A person becomes overly restless and nervous, there is severe insomnia, if a person manages to fall asleep, then he has nightmares. This is especially true in young children. A person constantly suffers from vomiting, the pulse rate decreases.


The most severe form of development is considered malignant, in which liver tissues begin to die, and this can take place at any stage of the disease.

The duration of such a period is about fourteen days (if the form is mild), in the middle it lasts about thirty days, and in especially severe ones - up to ninety. Toward the end of the period, jaundice disappears, the liver returns to its original size, the usual color of urine and feces is restored.

The size of the affected area directly depends on the degree of autoimmune liver damage.

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This form is typical for children in infancy and is primarily a consequence of a complex autoimmune disorder (which is why hepatitis prevention is so important from the very first years of a person's life). This form is characterized by weakness, sleep disturbance, nausea, severe enlargement of the liver, sometimes loss of tadalafil pills and incoherent delirium are observed. Children suffering from this form may suddenly jump up during sleep, start screaming and try to run away.

With the further development of the disease, the person falls into a coma.

In this form of the disease, vomiting resembles coffee grounds with a lot of blood due to internal bleeding of the stomach. There is a strong shortness of breath, it is difficult for the patient to perform heavy physical actions, the heartbeat is very quick, the temperature rises to an average of 38 degrees Celsius. Pain sensationsI are observed not only during palpation, but also at rest.

The liver becomes even larger, and a characteristic smell of raw liver appears from the mouth.

Severe edema appears on the surface of get cialis, the amount of urine decreases several times. The concentration of bilirubin drops markedly, liver enzymes cease to be produced, and death occurs after a while. If doctors manage to bring a person out of a coma, the disease usually becomes protracted or chronic.

The most common ways are considered to be contact of a person with infected fluids of another person, such as blood or semen.

Sometimes the cause may be the use of certain drugs, toxic substances or excessive consumption of alcoholic products. Diagnosis of viral hepatitis is a very complex process. Often, some forms of this disease can pass without obvious symptoms, and you can find out about it only during laboratory tests. But people who decide on their own to be tested for viral hepatitis are unlikely to be in the majority. Therefore, it happens that a person is ill with one of the forms of hepatitis, without even knowing it. You should not focus on such cases, because viral hepatitis is a dangerous disease. With untimely detection and, accordingly, with delayed treatment, it can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

That is why its timely and correct diagnosis is so important.

Methods for diagnosing viral hepatitis.

More recently, any liver disease was called Botkin's disease. Then they decided to classify these diseases, including on the basis of their clinical manifestations. But no matter what letter is assigned to one or another type of viral hepatitis - A, B, C, D, E - there are common signs of the disease by which it is possible to make a diagnosis. The main task of the doctor is to consistently go through this diagnostic path, using different criteria for diagnosing viral hepatitis.


Questioning a patient with viral hepatitis. Interviewing the patient is the first step towards a correct diagnosis. In order to confirm or exclude the disease of viral hepatitis, the doctor should ask the patient:


At the initial stage, the patient is able to diagnose independently, that is, ask these questions to buy cialis. If the answers to them are positive, then it is likely that the patient still has problems with the liver. Their severity will be shown by other forms of diagnosis, for the implementation of which it is necessary to consult a doctor.


Examination of a patient with viral hepatitis. In contrast to a survey with a certain degree of subjectivity inherent in it, an examination is called an objective diagnostic method. After all, if during a conversation you can keep silent about any symptoms, then the visual signs of the disease are difficult to hide or not notice. So, what should alert both the patient and the doctor who confirms or refutes the diagnosis of cialis online:

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Due to the fact that viral hepatitis disrupts the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. Yellow color of the eyeballs, oral mucosa, skin. The so-called jaundice is associated with an excessive concentration in the blood of the substance bilirubin, one of the components of bile. If there is a lot of bilirubin, then the liver does not work well. And this is clear evidence of the development of viral hepatitis. Urine very dark in color with a possible greenish tinge and light stools. Such unnatural colors are also associated with an increased content of bilirubin. Palpation revealed an increase in the size of the liver and spleen.

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These signs of viral hepatitis are considered specific, but even they cannot guarantee the diagnosis of viral hepatitis by 100%. No wonder experts note that in chronic hepatitis in most cases, these symptoms are characterized as possible. They become pronounced only with a severe form of the course of the disease. Therefore, to diagnose the disease, it is necessary to call for laboratory tests, that is, it is necessary to take blood tests for viral hepatitis. Laboratory diagnosis of viral hepatitis.

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